Our solution for business coaching

Our approach is personal, private and effective. We start with a very easy online assessment that provides a deep understanding of our leadership candidates. We provide a custom personalized explanation so that the candidate gets the insights contained within the assessment. 

We then move through lessons building on the strengths pointed to by the assessment, helping the candidate see more of their abilities. 

Each candidate gets to know themselves better and learns practical, real world material to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. They are able to use that improved effectiveness and efficiencies to better carny-out the company objectives, improve cooperation and teamwork as well as see themselves in the true light of their personal leadership style and are prepared to face the challenges of business. 

We provide the most effective business coaching approach

Business Model

We are very boutique-like in our business model.  I chose that model deliberately because I wanted to be able to positively affect a client and achieve measurable results that the client can turn to and say, “Yes, they helped do this.”

I conceived this concept a long time ago when I was an attendee at a seminar and had the realization that the material, even though good, was generic in nature.  It had to be because the audience was diverse.  I was running a business with about $5M in annual sales at the time and I am sitting with many people running much smaller operations and a few running larger places.


It’s important to me that my clients know me for more than just what I, or my company does.
I believe in certain business basics and principles that must be in alignment between us.  If they are not the successes we have reached would not have been obtained.

As an example, I believe everything inside a business should be built to revolve around the customer.  If that fundamental is sounded down throughout the organization we work with all the other things like profit, ease of doing business, sustainability and more, become easier.

Another major point that I work on with clients is respect.  That sounds simple and most people do respect customers, suppliers and employees but where they have a challenge is in demonstrating it in a proper fashion so that the benefits are present and you are not taken 


I firmly believe that there are 3 major areas of each company.  It does not matter what industry we are talking about.  Good business practice is just that, good business practice.  So we look at the 1. Sales & Marketing as an area; 2. The Administration which includes compensation and systems; and the #3. Area is Production.  As an example, we have worked inside pure sales brokerages which do not manufacture anything but there is still a production flow to what they do so I know there are these three areas inside all companies.

Our task is to look at these areas, observe how they work within themselves and how they crossover to each other.  Then we examine the value-proposition of the processes we discover.  After that it is a matter of redesigning the processes so that they work better, function cheaper and save time.  That redesign is really much more a “tweaking or adjusting” for maximum benefit. 

Working With A Coach

Working with a coach isn’t that difficult.  The coach is always on your side for one thing.  From time-to-time there are uncomfortable situations that must be dealt with.  They are dealt with in a forthright fashion but also with respect, tact and diplomacy.

We never forget that the client owns the business, they always have last say in any matter.
Part of our success comes from bringing focus to challenges within the client company and stimulating thoughtful conversation over issues that rob the company of profit, efficiency and customer satisfaction.  A lot of time it is tapping into our ability to enunciate an idea or to flesh-out a concept, or most likely, bring some experience into the client company so they do not have to experiment, you know, eliminate the trial & error for them.