I firmly believe that there are 3 major areas of each company.  It does not matter what industry we are talking about.  Good business practice is just that, good business practice.  So we look at the 1. Sales & Marketing as an area; 2. The Administration which includes compensation and systems; and the #3. Area is Production.  As an example, we have worked inside pure sales brokerages which do not manufacture anything but there is still a production flow to what they do so I know there are these three areas inside all companies.

Our task is to look at these areas, observe how they work within themselves and how they crossover to each other.  Then we examine the value-proposition of the processes we discover.  After that it is a matter of redesigning the processes so that they work better, function cheaper and save time.  That redesign is really much more a “tweaking or adjusting” for maximum benefit.

Most people get very busy with the running of the company, department, employees, what-have-you and we are involved only to look for efficiencies, develop efficiencies and most importantly, install and help execute those efficiencies inside the company.  So it’s like a specialist that no distractions to get in the way of looking for efficiencies and incorporate them into the way the company does business.