We are very boutique-like in our business model.  I chose that model deliberately because I wanted to be able to positively affect a client and achieve measurable results that the client can turn to and say, “Yes, they helped do this.”

I conceived this concept a long time ago when I was an attendee at a seminar and had the realization that the material, even though good, was generic in nature.  It had to be because the audience was diverse.  I was running a business with about $5M in annual sales at the time and I am sitting with many people running much smaller operations and a few running larger places.

I promised myself that if I were to go down this road of coaching that it could never be like that where there was a lack of application of ALL the material to the client.  Hey I do seminars and I have a lot fun doing them, but what I am talking about is the coaching of a client and their staff to higher performance that shows up in the bottom line.  That takes customization and a keen sense of what is going on inside the company that only a coaching style consultancy can offer.  It is 100% value-added to the client because we eliminate the diverse audience and are working with that client’s uniqueness.